Airlift sampler with steel corer

The airlift system is used to take sediment samples of macrozoobenthos from soft-bottoms. In this study five replicates were sampled along six transects (5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m) by pressing a steel corer (0.2m-2) 20cm deep into the substrate. The enclosed sediment was then transported with an airliftsystem consisting of a tube (6cm in diameter, 80cm long with a n-end at the upper end), and a compressed-air injection device coupled to a dive tank that was connected to a 0.5mm mesh retaining bag.



Van Veen grap sampler

The Van Veen grab (in these case 0.1m-2) is used to take sediment samples from the sea floor. The grab is lowered to the sea bed on a steel cable with its "jaws" open. As soon as the dishes touch the bottom, the valve keeping them open is released. As the grab is pulled back up the jaws close, scooping up sand or sediment from the seabed. The grab is opened over a sloping table on the ship and the contents are collected in a sealable plastic bucket or sub-samples are taken, for instance to study macrobenthic communities.


Aceroides latipes Frigidoalvania sp. Anonyx nugax Apistobranchus tullbergi Arrhis phyllonyx Astarte sulcata Brada villosa Centromedon pumilus Chaetoderma nitidilum Chaetozone setosa
macrozoobenthos, communities of Svalbard shows: Acanthonotozoma serratum, Aceroides latipes, Ampharete cf. baltica, Amphitrite cirrata, Anonyx nugax, Apistobranchus tullbergi, Arrhis phyllonyx, Astarte borealis, Astarte sulcata, Axinopsida orbiculata, Boreonymphon sp., Brada villosa, Centromedon pumilus, Chaetoderma nitidilum, Chaetozone setosa, Chiridota laevis, Chone sp., Ciliatocardium ciliatum, Crassicorophium crassicorne, Crenella decussata, Cryptonatica affinis, Ctenodiscus crispatus, Cuspidaria sp., Cylichna cf. arctica, Cyrtodaria siliqua, Dacrydium vitreum, Dipolydora quadrilobata, Edwardsia fusca, Eteone flava, Eteone spetsbergensis, Euchone analis, Eurythenes gryllus, Frigidoalvania sp. , Glycera capitata, Holothurioidea indet., Hyperia galba, Hyperoche kroyeri, Ischnochiton albus, Ischyrocerus megalops, Lanassa nordenskioeldi, Lepidepecreum umbo, Liocyma fluctuosa, Lumbrineris sp., Macoma sp., Maldane sarsi, Maldanidae 1 indet. (with Ciliata indet.), Maldanidae 2 indet., Marenzelleria wireni, Margarites helicinus, Melphidippa macrura, Metopa sp., Monoculodes sp., Montacuta sp., Musculus discors, Mya pseudoarenaria, Oedicerotidae indet., Oenopota simplex, Oenopota sp., Onisimus edwardsi, Ophelia limacina, Ophelina sp., Ophiura albida, Orbinia sp., Paraniomorpha tamida, Paraonidae indet., Paroediceros lynceus, Pelonaia corrugata, Phyllodoce groenlandica, Polinices pallidus, Polynoinae indet., Praxillella praetermissa, Priapulus caudatus, Priscillina herrmanni, Protomedia sp., Pseudopallene spinipes, Scalibregma inflatum, Sclerocrangon boreas, Scoloplos armiger, Serripes groenlandicus, Sigalionidae indet., Sipunculida indet., Skenea sp., Skenea sp., Solariella obscura, Spio armata, Spio filicornis, Synidothea nodulosa, Themisto abyssorum, Themisto libellula, Thracia septentrionalis, Thyasira dunbari, Travisia forbesii, Trophon truncatus,